Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Plumping Up...

We have another good eater on our hands! Jake is filling out nicely, even in the mere 4 days he's been 'out'. Last night was great – I fed him at 8pm, 11pm, 4:30am and then again at 8am. Good sleeps in between all feedings, too! He's just perfect. Nice that Andrew and I tend to make them that way!

Some more pictures, from yesterday... [click each to enlarge]


  1. Joanne, 3 days after giving birth and you are going out to Loblaws! You are mad. I think I am very pleased that I can do online grocery shopping here ( yah chalk one up for England ).

    How adorable are your boys! That goes for Andrew too... Thinking of you lots, xox AMS

  2. Salut! I love the picture of you kissing Jake. So sweet. Quinn looks like a really proud big brother. Love and hugs, Kate x0000x0000x0000x