Friday, July 7, 2006


Finally – after many, many attempts, I have some pictures of Jake's eyes. They are open more and more every day, but capturing them is proving to be tricky. He's so wiggly, most snapshots end up in a blur. Happy to be in the digital world, where the cost of film need not inhibit my shutterbug instincts.

Jake is doing very well. Still hasn't, as Andrew says, "spit out" his umbilical cord stump, but it's looking clean and dry, so we expect to see his own belly button any day now. Providing Mom and Dad with some decent sleeping hours. Most nights he's eating at about 10:30pm, then again at 2am-ish and 6am-ish. I'll take those conditions.

Quinn has been enjoying day camp this week, which offers Jake and I some quality time to 'figure each other out', and for me to get some rest during the day. Camp this week and next for Quinn revolves around swimming and sports. He has swim lessons every morning in an outdoor pool, then back to camp headquarters for sports and other activities. Most afternoons they are back to the pool for free swim, but there are two field trips each week. The first two days of camp this week ended with Quinn falling asleep in the car on the way home. Wednesday night he passed out on the sofa at 6pm, and had to be carried up to bed without supper... too pooped to eat!

One more week until our annual summer vacation. I am really looking forward to it this year – sitting on the beach with a cool drink, snuggling up to Jake, and watching Quinn play in the water with Dad. There's something very natural and inviting about that image. Oh, and having three meals a day prepared for us, and no clean up... even better! Quinn's first trip to the cabins was when he was 10 weeks old. The fresh air encouraged him to sleep through the night (10pm to 7am). We're hoping for the same phenomenon to occur with Jake, though he will only be 3 weeks old... perhaps that's a bit too ambitious a goal.

Time to sign off for today, but not before proving to you that our boy does have eyes. They are a gorgeous slate blue right now, though I am anticipating clear sky-blue eyes like Quinn's will appear in a few weeks. Gawd, we make handsome kids. Enjoy!

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