Thursday, November 9, 2006

Our Christmas Wish...

Of course our most sincere wish for all is unwaivering health and happiness this holiday season, and every day. Though this year, we have another wish in mind. We wish for your time, not gifts, this Christmas.

With Joanne not working (or should we say not earning any income) in exchange for raising our boys, and Andrew accepting a lower-paying job for long-term government security, our Christmas budget is significantly more modest than we’d like it to be. Even in years past, it has irked us that the focus these days seems to be on monetary gifts, rather than those from the heart. We are blessed to have so many cherished people in our lives. Not only our immediate families, but with Joanne’s biological family reunions, and our ever-expanding families and circle of friends, we just can’t seem to find, or make, the time to spend with these loved ones. Then at holiday-time, we open gifts from each of you, but really wish the gift could have been a few more hours with you, or a few more dinners, throughout the year.

So this year, when you are making your own holiday budgets, please take our names off your shopping list. Of course, it is hard to resist buying for the little ones, so we will forgive those indulgences. But for Andrew and I, we truly would rather receive more of you, than your hard-earned money. And in return, we will do the same, spending our time on you, sharing stories, food and laughter throughout the year, and not just at Christmastime.


  1. Darn! And this was the year I was finally going to break down and buy you that porshe. Oh well, maybe next year...

  2. Consider yourself scratched and now added to the pot-luck dinner list...your on dessert! Ryan,Barb, and Calleigh

  3. A very well-crafted and sensitive message! We'll surely respect your wishes, as difficult as that will be...though we'll take advantage of your recognition that it will be impossible to resist shopping for the young lads...they are my grandsons after all! Have I said thank-you lately? We look forward as always to the cherished time we'll be spending with you over the holidays. Love always, Leesa & Bob