Saturday, January 13, 2007

The ties that bind...

As posted in “Our Christmas Wish”, on November 9th, I stated I wanted to spend more time with loved ones. So today, I followed through on that intention, and hosted brunch for my paternal biological family, the McNamaras.

My birth father, Bryan, passed away before I had the chance to meet him, but his amazing younger brother John took it upon himself to locate his niece (me), and after several years of searching, managed to do so in July of 2002. My uncle John has a young family with wife Vilma and their two daughters Rachel and Chelsea. I have also reunited with my paternal grandparents Ted and Myrna, and John’s sister, my aunt, Beth-Anne. As we all live within 15 minutes of each other, these gatherings should by all rights take place more often (hint, hint!).

Some photos from our lovely morning together...


  1. Joanne, you are absolutely spot on, spending more time with family and friends is so important! It is what I miss most about being so far away from them. Have had worst week ever and been gratefully supported by friends and family here ( will email you details)
    Can't wait to see you guys in May/June!
    X AMS

  2. I understand completely. We didn[t even oput our tree up this year! Of course, our youngest is 21 so it wasn't a big problem.

    Jake is defintely related to his big brother. Those eyes are killers! Is he always this serious?