Sunday, August 5, 2007

Camp Out...

Last night was Camp Out night here at our place.

It's been 6 sleeps since Andrew and Quinn planned it... After the sun went over the rooftops last evening, Andrew and Quinn built a small fire in our copper fire bowl. I prepared S'mores for Quinn and his friend Brennan. At about 11pm, Quinn and Andrew tucked themselves into the tree house for a sleepover. Earlier in the day, Andrew had inflated the double air mattress and hung a mosquito net from the ceiling. They carted out sleeping bags, pillows, headlamps and I believe Andrew took out Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows to read once Q fell asleep. I'll have to inquire with him to see if any reading was actually done!

I was mildly skeptical that the boys would be in the tree house come sunrise, but to my pleasant surprise, they made it until 6am, when Quinn declared he was frozen and wanted to come inside.

I would have loved to camp out too, but there isn't room for all four of us, and Jake is still so much better off in his crib. Some night, I'll be out there with my boys... Andrew just loved it, and Quinn told me this morning it was "great!". Adventure is just outside your back door – you just have to step outside and create it!

Captions (in order): By the fire | Tucked in | All is quiet...

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