Friday, September 7, 2007


I’m not feeling particularly wordy at the moment, but do want to share some recent photos with you. Quinn has started Grade One this week, and TJ has started part-time at daycare too. This week was “Joanne” week, to rediscover the “me” inside the Mom. It felt reeaaallly good. Had my hair trimmed and highlighted on Wednesday, and a make-up consultation at MAC Cosmetics on Thursday. Spent way too much money for a gal who hasn’t officially started back at work yet, but it was due time I did a little something strictly for myself.

Quinn and Andrew had haircuts on Wednesday, and even Jake visited a stylist this morning for a trim— his first one ever.

Captions (in order): Quinn, moments away from Grade One | Dress rehearsal for his role as Ring Bearer in Nan Leesa’s wedding | My new hair | Jake, looking either guilty or gassy | Jake's new hair

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