Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sadly, no bacon.

Remember those long, tedious days in college, when you’d be fighting with every ounce of your being just to stay awake through class? Or sometimes the opposite is true. You are so busy running from place to place (both physically and mentally), that you realize at 1:30pm you haven’t deposited any form of nourishment into your pie hole.

Today is one of those days. I’m not exhausted. I just need a major boost. And since college, when that happens my thoughts — and taste buds — turn to the same old fix I discovered then: creamy peanut butter and crispy bacon on a toasted bagel. Disgusting.

Actually, no. Unless you are allergic to nuts (sorry Derek, and oh so many more of you), this surprisingly delectable, and ideal combination of carbs and protein will send you hurdling though the afternoon slump and slide (you know, when your butt gradually moves further and further down your office chair when all of a sudden your knees hit the floor and you jump back into an upright position, quickly looking around to make sure you have no witnesses).

So I’ve just licked the last of my peanut buttery fingers, and dabbed up the few remaining sesame seeds from my plate. The deli drawer offered no bacon today, so I had to make due with two out of three ingredients. Still, I feel satisfied and energized.

Easily prepared and portable, this sandwich makes a mean lunch to scare away the zzzzzz’s, the tummy grumbles and those poor, poor allergic-to-nuts people.

Next week’s grocery list: bacon.

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