Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Faces

When vacationing to the cabin, we’re never really sure what Mother Nature has in store for us, so we need to pack enough inside activities to entertain the boys as necessary. This year, we brought two Potato Heads and a zillion body parts, Kid K’nex and Playdoh—all great for both boys, despite their age difference of five years.

One particular morning, Quinn and Jake were busy designing new Potato Head characters. Quinn’s was perfectly arranged and intact. Eyes where the eyes should be, an orange construction hat and boots to match, a lovely broad smile, black mustache and huge pink nose. He held it up high for all to see, and Jake exclaimed “Daddy!” I actually think Andrew was pleased at TJ’s perception, as Quinn’s Potato Head Construction Dude was actually kinda hawt.

Moments later, Jake mimicked Quinn’s actions, held his own creation up high, and exclaimed with pride “Mommy!”

This is what we saw...


  1. Too cute!!

    P.S. I found your blog while blog hopping - I started out on Todays Creative blog and ended up at yours somehow!

  2. Oh wow. Very creative . . . looks like he shares your creative genes for sure. Mr. 'Tatorhead is a big hit at our house too!