Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quiet Creativity

I want so many wonderful things for my children. Don’t you? Of course I want them to be safe and healthy always. And I want them to do well in school, and their careers. But I also want them to explore—inside and out. It’s no secret that I am a creative person. I believe we all have creativity within us, as there are many ways to express it: from designing and sewing a quilt, so writing a novel, to painting on canvas... even balancing a budget, or managing a Fortune500 company requires creativity.

Quinn is a very creative seven-year old. But he is shy about it. Insecure yet, in his early years. So to bring him out of his shell a bit, and to get him out of my hair, I handed him my camera yesterday, and told him to go for it. Walk around the house and take pictures of whatever he thinks looks cool.

After supper last night (the roast pig chicken was delicious!), we connected the camera to the TV and presented a slide show to Daddy and Jake. Quinn loved describing the photographs, and explaining why he thought each one was special—a very proud boy.

I was particularly impressed to see his eye for colour, balance, perspective, proportion and composition. These are twelve of my favourites. Enjoy. And let your kids go for it too!

Treat Jar and other colourful bitsDining room starLiving room. As is. Proof I am a bit of a neat-freak.
Stained glass cardinal
Beads + Ribbons
Photos. Albums. Journals
Dining room chalkboard. Waiting for words.
Living room mantle
Dining room Ficus
Three blue bottles behind matchstick blind in ensuite
Rare shot of Jake mid-laughter. Good one, Quinner!
The boys' treehouse. Designed and built by Andrew and me. Summer 2005.


  1. Thanks so much for the tips! What are melamine paints? Is that a brand name? I would love to see pictures -

  2. man, he did grat for a seven year old. he already has talent...