Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kill it with Kindness

When we moved into our current home five years ago, the existing colour palette was horrendous. A fresh coat of paint would solve most of the conflict, but some of the colour headache came from permanent fixtures, like tiles and countertops. Elements we couldn’t afford to change just then. This was particularly true in our ensuite bathroom. Turquoise tiles and countertops, set against bubblegum pink walls. Yack.

When I am helping clients with home colour selection, and they are in a similar situation with perhaps cabinetry or flooring, I suggest they “kill it with kindness”. Make the eyesore go away, or at least blend, by using similar colours around it—resulting in a more deliberate and intended palette.

For our ensuite, there was no way we were ripping out the tiles, countertops and vinyl flooring. We just needed to make the room’s colour scheme more intentional.

The thought of 1980’s seafoam or mint green turned my stomach. More-in-tune-to-colour-than-he-will-ever-admit Andrew, suggested a spa feel for the room, using a beachglass or ocean blue. I worked with it, and surprisingly found a colour I adored. HC-147 Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore. It came from the palest fleck in the ceramic tile tub surround. Updating the wall colour made the room feel larger, more tranquil, and deliberate. Now one of my favourite rooms in the house.

Before: 1980’s turquoise and pink, distracting, feels small

After: Beachglass blue, calm, more open and inviting


  1. Love it! It's amazing what a simple can of paint can do!!

  2. Hey Tara!

    Thanks for the comment! I never thought I’d paint any room in *my* house this colour, but it worked out so well, it's now one of my favourite colours!

    Thanks for visiting Joe Girl!