Wednesday, August 20, 2008

30 Seconds to Sangria!

We’re finally heading into a hot weekend here in Ottawa, and I want to be prepared to enjoy every moment. This has been a Summer of unpredictable weather, chilly mornings and rainy afternoons, so the next few days promise lots of outdoor adventures, dancing in the street, and cool drinks on the front porch.

One of our favourites to mix up on demand is the easiest Sangria imaginable.

. 1 750ml bottle of any red wine you can find. Even the cheap stuff will do.
. 1 can frozen Five Alive Citrus
. A big, sweet, juicy orange

Mix it up!
. Pour the red wine into a typical juice jug.
. Add the can of frozen Five Alive.
. Top with cold water, orange slices and ice cubes.
. Decant into a festive pitcher and enjoy with friends!

This recipe was given to Andrew by a Mexican woman with whom he once worked. If she can get away with making Sangria this way, we all can!

What’s your favourite Summertime beverage?



  1. I have 2 summertime favourites: Rob's Pina Colada and Rob's delcious and so nutritious berry smoothie. Both are made in our new-this-summer Margaritaville blender. We have a smoothie virtually every night, but wait 'til the weekends for the deelish pinas!!! They'd give our pinas from le Mexique a run for their moulas!!
    x000x Kate

  2. I didn't realize you were coming to town. I hope you enjoy. Never thought of doing 5 Alive instead of juice.

  3. That sounds great!

    As for my favorite summer drink I actually love sun tea. Simple I know but I love it. :)

  4. Thanks for the recipe, I'm with Nat, who would have "thunk" to put in 5 Alive...

    this summer I was given an interesting recipe...

    4 bottles of beer,
    1 cup of tequila
    1 can of lemonade
    crushed ice....

    give it a whirl a sip....enjoy (sounds awful, tasts good)

  5. Hey Lily!

    That sounds a lot like Mike's Hard Lemonade! LOVE IT! I'll ask husband to pick up some beer and tequila on his way home. He'll love me - any excuse for beer!

    Thanks for visiting Joe Girl!