Friday, August 1, 2008

Beware the Snot Rocket

Yesterday was shopping day. My printer needed ink, the pantry needed groceries, and Quinn needed new shoes for school. Early yes, but better now than when dozens of Moms and kids pile into our favourite shoe store at any given time or day, wait half an hour for their number to be called, only to be told the shoe—and only shoe—your kid wants is out of stock in their size. Damn it.

I do like my children to have a good amount of creative licence with their selections of clothes, toys, movies, music—and apparently shoes. While I did try to direct Quinn toward the more robust, hiking, neutral styles, these are the two pairs he chose.

The Stride Rite/Nickelodeon Slimers (model name “Snot Rocket”), and the high-gloss, candy apple red GEOX which disgust me even more than the Slimers. I’m not sure what kind of reaction these will get from the kids at school, but I’m willing to give them a chance. I encouraged Quinn to declare the Snot Rockets his outdoor shoes, to take best advantage of the glow-in-the-dark feature, and save what I’m dubbing the “Disco Spiderman” pair for the classroom. That way, honestly, I don’t have to see them, and might even forget they exist.


  1. Wow...never seen anything like those! They are "fun" looking though!!

  2. you know, I kind of like those. But I know what you mean about shoes with things one them, like the Spider man. I did a layout about a pair of transformer shoes my son had to have around age 3. I kept telling him it wasn't a good way to use our money and that they were tacky. His response "But Momma, I like Tacky"
    So cute. He got the shoes.