Friday, August 15, 2008

Drop Your Drawers!

While I have yet to tackle my blue room, I did reorganize two of my seventeen (no joke) kitchen drawers over the weekend. My new Fall/Holiday Signature HomeStyles samples came in, and I had ordered the gorgeous Classic Collection Drawer Set in Espresso, with the intention of using them in my cutlery drawer. Feeling they were too skinny and deep for Andrew’s meaty hands, I moved them over to my cooking utensil drawers, et voila!

Thought also to snap a picture of my famous and favourite white dish cupboard which, aside from being painted, has not had its contents rearranged since the day we moved in over five years ago. I’m goooood.

AND, it seems our next project is doomed bound to be building our long-overdue mudroom lockers and cubbies. Here’s the current BEFORE picture (sweet, and uber-handy chalkboard basket tags also from Signature HomeStyles). No telling when you’ll ever see the after picture, but if you nag at me long enough, the job just might see completion sooner rather than later!

What are YOU working on lately to stay—or become—organized?


  1. Well, I just spent a few hours herding cats to reorganize one of the lab's fridges. No before pic ... I'll do that for the second fridge! Each lab member now has ONE plastic bin to put on their assigned half-shelf. Everything was moved out. Now they're allowed to move stuff back in, provided it's all in use, not expired, labeled with their name, and NOT MOLDY. Next up, the second fridge. Then the freezers, two minus-eighties, one -20.

    Now if only I had this kind of energy at home to tackle my fridge, cupboards, closets, and piles of grown-out-of boy's clothes.

  2. love them.  great job.  i wish i had a mud room...  i did not build this house, but if i did it sure would lay out different...  good luck on your re-do!

  3. I am agog!

    I have only one kitchen drawer and it is in disarray.

    Please come organise my house.

    Happy POW!

  4. Wow, you are so organized! I'm jealous. Happy POW.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. I love comments, they reassure me that someone is reading my blog. :) I would love to see some more pictures of your mudroom. I long for a mudroom of my own one day . . .

  6. Great job with being so organized! My out of sight out of mind...hence 5 junk drawers! :)

  7. LOL Getting organized is not happening in my house anytime soon! I so wish my drawers could looks like yours. Heck I wish any part of my house could look like that. But with a two year old and 3 month old I think I am up against a losing battle. I think I will have to put this on my long term list of goals!

  8. Nice job on the utensils - they look fantastic! We have those basket organizer things too, they totally save us in the mornings (winter especially, for mitts and hats and cold-weather garb). No mudroom here in our smurf house, we have a tiny front closet so I try to keep it very organized, otherwise, we would go nuts.

    My latest organizing mission is to better organize my receipts to log them into my budget spreadsheet. This is pretty new and I haven't been saving receipts for that long, so I truly don't know what the heck to do with them! And, secondly, I'm trying hard to figure out what to do with all my recipes - they are everywhere lately, I tend to print one from the computer and then a couple weeks later I have a huge stack sitting on my counter. I need some inspiration on the recipe front, that's for sure.