Monday, August 11, 2008

Happiness 101.1

Frustrated? Want to go for a run and never come back? Feel like tearing out every hair on your husband’s head?

Me too.

But why dwell on the stuff that makes you miserable? Turn that frown upside down, Girlfriend! I challenge you to follow my lead and share the first ten happinesses that come to mind—right here, right now.
  1. Misting my pillow with lavender water every night before bed.
  2. Hearing Jake say “ank-u, Mama” over and over until I respond “You’re welcome, Jake”.
  3. Sitting in my blue room. Beading, doodling, writing... or doing nothing at all.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres, though I can’t even remember the last time I watched her show.
  5. Swinging in the hammock, while the river’s breeze tickles my face.
  6. Remembering Jasmin. Okay, this can bring great sadness too... She was such a sweet girl.
  7. Finding the perfect colour.
  8. Being barefoot.
  9. Dancing in the kitchen—alone, or with my boys.
  10. Snuggling.
  11. Oh, had to throw this one in... Will Ferrell.


  1. love this post. i will totally follow your lead in tomorrows post. this is my week of happiness, i am making posts about what makes me happy all week long- but you knew that already, you read my blog... my friend Kacey and I get grouchy sometimes and we start telling each other why we are ill... then we get tired of bitching and we name 5 things that make us super happy. works every time...

    who's jasmine, hope you do not mind me asking...

    ps- i am checking the mail like a school girl every day. i cannot wait for my cards...

  2. Frustrated? YES!!! I like your optimism, I should definitely be turning my frown upside down today.