Monday, August 25, 2008

Happiness 101.2

In nineteen hours, Jake will be at daycare for the first time since July 24th. That means I have Quinn all to myself. Just like the old days. I adore Jake—of course—but there is something magical and uniquely sentimental about spending one-on-one time with your first born.

Here are some of my favourite Quinn happinesses:
  • We love to be silly together. Tickling, telling potty-humour jokes, eating dessert for breakfast… being silly with your kid allows them to believe you were a kid once too.
  • Flour, eggs, vanilla… Baking tops the list of favourite Quinn and Mom activities. Raisin Oatmeal Cookies sounds like a delicious back to school choice for this week.
  • HORSE. Have you played this simple game? Try to keep an inflated balloon up in the air as long as possible. Reach, stretch and run to keep it from touching the floor. If the balloon lands, the person closest to it collects a letter of the word HORSE. The last player to spell the complete word wins. This is one of Quinn’s favourite games to play with me. Of course, you can use any word you like. Well, maybe not Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious. Unless you are a marathon player.
  • In our ensuite bathroom, we are blessed to have a big soaker tub. No jets, just really deep and wide. I love a bath, especially with Quinn. We fill the tub with water as hot as we can stand it, add loads of bubbles and talk to each other openly about life. When the bubbles are dissolved, it’s time for bed. Surprisingly, even at the age of seven, Quinn is not yet shy about our bodies, or his. I thought this tradition would end around age four, but I am thankful it still remains.
  • Quinn loves to be startled. So any opportunity I have to sneak up on him is a guaranteed gigglefest. Lately—and I can’t recall why I ever started this—I have been taking a simple spray bottle, tuning it to the finest jet setting, and blasting him with water right before bed. He tears into fits of laughter, runs and hides behind curtains, under covers, crouches down beside the bed, but I still manage to soak him. It’s hilarious to watch him run and hop around. He loves it.
  • Then, once in bed—and most nights we snuggle together in my bed until Andrew comes up and transports long-asleep-Quinn back to his own room—we spray our pillows with lavender, tell each other goodnight and I Love You, search for each other’s pucker in the dark—though I usually get his nostrils—and drift off to sleep, often hand in hand. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.
What are some of the cherished traditions you share with your children?


  1. love it. such sweet memories. i do not have #2 yet, but one day i know i will need time with just Mason. he is by love bug. it must ba amazing to share love with more than one child. sometimes i do not think i have it in me.... but i do want more.

  2. Thanks, Leslee!

    This picture was actually taken a few years ago. Must have been Fall 2005, right around the time I became pregnant with Jake. Hair is much longer now ;)

  3. I can't wait till I have more time to spend with just my daughter again. You are right I love my second to death but I do miss the one on one time I had with my first. That is one reason why I think I am going to be done with two kids. I just don't think I could split my time more then two ways!

  4. Cute picture!!

    Enjoy your Quinn time! :)

  5. That sounds like so much fun. The Boy bakes but usually with GMM (Grand-maman).

    He and I go on dates. Sometimes dinner and a movie, sometimes breakfast at the diner up the street.

    My guy is a huge snuggler and he still loves his nighttime snuggles. There is more stuff.. but I can't think...

  6. I was going to comment on your hair too, I wasn't sure if it was short like that or longer now (and, um, no crows feet that I can see lady!!!). I LOVE spending one on one time with my kids - it is very difficult right now with them so young, and so close in age, but I make sure to make it happen. Sadly, one of our favourite pastimes is me chasing them around and screaming - I am usually supposed to be a monster from Scooby Doo, and the boys are Shaggy and Scooby. I keep telling them I just want to be Daphne :-)