Friday, August 22, 2008

Lashes, in real life.

As promised yesterday… These are my icky morning eyes. No foundation (ever). No powder. No bronzer. No blush. No liner. No PhotoShop. Just naked eyes.

Moments after applying ONE coat of my very favourite Maybelline’s Sky High Curves in Very Black. Available everywhere Maybelline is sold, for about $10.

So there, Rimmel. You can take those false lashes and stuff ‘em.


  1. Gorgeous, with or without the mascara!

    Finola :)

  2. Tres bellisse! And not a lash curler in sight..... lucky slug!!


  3. Hmpf. My left eye is indeed suffering from these allergies of mine. Just noticed its redness now...

  4. Wow! You made me a believer. I have sparse lashes, so definitely a product that I now must try!

  5. Okay, you've got me convinced. Almost - I think I need to do the same thing! I never wear mascara, thinking that it just clumps my eyelashes together and looks gross and fake. Now, your eyes are gorgeous on their own, but the mascara did make a dramatic difference!

    Along those same lines, I was totally NOT a foundation wearer. Too goopy, gave me zits, too much trouble. Powder looked awful and cakey and crinkled. Until I tried Bare Escentual's stuff, Bare Minerals. WOW. The L'oreal copy I tried sucks, but the real thing is worth every penny. Huge difference. Worth a try if you're interested!

  6. Another great Maybelline Mascara is "Full N’ Soft". ABSOLUTELY NO CLUMPS. I just find it is a little difficult to remove with my mild Cetaphil, so when I wear it, I wash my eyes with a tiny dab of ivory.

    I prefer Sky High Curves, as it adds a lot of length (to my already long lashes. lucky me), and really does magically curl them upward!