Friday, August 1, 2008

Palette: Lime Chocolate Sky

Every year for five years—since moving into my current neighbourhood—I have hosted a cookie exchange in early December. It was my way of introducing myself to the girls in the 'hood, but was such a success we all stuck with it.

We typically have about 15 participants, all baking 15 dozen, or 15 loaves, or 15 bundles of whatever tickles our fancies. We congregate at my place and chow down on pot-luck brunch and baking samples. Our freezers and pantries are well-stocked for the holiday season, and we’ve all had a few good laughs during our get-together.

These are the scrumptious Cranberry Praline Quickbreads I baked for the 2006 exchange. I divided the standard loaf recipe into four mini loaf tins, then repeated it all 3 more times to yield 16 loaves. My entire house smelled mouth-watering marvelous for days!

To dress, I wrapped each loaf in parchment, then a sheet of pretty 12 x 12" scrapbooking paper, and bound it all together with matchy-matchy ribbon and contrasting tag. I go to great lengths to colour coordinate the entire event—from the invitations to packaging and party décor—a new palette every year.

“Lime Chocolate Sky”: Pantone 4705, 7506, 536, 617


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love getting together with friends and eating yummy food. :)

  2. That sounds like such a fun time. And to have all those different kinds of cookies and food, etc for the holidays would be so great!

  3. Wandered onto your site after seeing a comment on Organizing Junkie. I'm going to mark it to read again. Makes me want to paint and get organized. :-)

    I like this Lime Chocolate Sky palette and the Green Apples palette, too.

    I have been thinking of painting one wall of our bedroom a chocolate color. So, these palettes are a great inspiration.