Friday, August 8, 2008

Palette: Recipe Box

Though my decorating style certainly is not country or primitive, The Lang Company does make a few subtle appearances in my home, in the form of a kitchen wall calendar, a tissue box, several other storage boxes, and—my favourite—a striking heart recipe box by my favourite Lang artist, Karen Hillard Good (formerly Karen Hillard Crouch).

This box holds recipes Andrew and I have collected from friends and loved ones throughout our almost-ten year marriage. It is only fitting that they be carefully stored in such a lovely and exquisite place.

Karen HG’s charming artwork tends to be already lovingly aged. Her illustrative style is casual yet intentional, happy and heart-warming. Many of her designs contain delicately handwritten words which, when on a wall calendar, remind us every day of the year to cherish each moment.

I thought these colours would suit a dramatic and romantic kitchen or dining room. Heavy, warm crimson on the walls, accented with intense ocher, mellow cream and the perfect punctuation in any room—black.

“Recipe Box”: Pantone 1805, 142, 7507, Black 4U

If you would like to know paint equivalents to these colours, simply post a comment and I will happily provide.


  1. I love those colors! To bad it doesn't match anything in my house. lol

  2. The Lang Company is in the town I grew up in and where my parents still live! We also go for there good sales!!!