Tuesday, September 2, 2008

37 shirts and nothing to wear!

Does this happen to you? I’m standing in my closet—completely naked—staring at the rack of shirts as if they are invisible. There is absolutely nothing to wear here.

That’s it. I need to shop. I need something with pizzazz. Something flattering that encourages more of those yummy compliments. Something that makes me look 26, instead of feel 36. Something that doesn’t scream “I’m a Mom, so excuuuuuse me if I didn’t have time to shower today, or run a brush through this mangy head of hair or—oh, yah—I completely forgot to sandblast the three days of plaque off my teeth because I was too preoccupied dealing with gum emergencies, applying sunscreen to every body but mine, wiping sneezes and spit off mirrors, sweeping up more food that landed on the kitchen floor than managed to make its way into their mouths, punching out my frustrations on pizza dough, or setting the PVR for the most annoying, mind-numbing kids’ show ever.”

Sorry… Did I say that out loud?

I want to replace my entire wardrobe with Sassy… Hawt… Confident… Brilliant… Funky… Fresh… Now.

Who’s with me?

My favourite shirt to wear lately is the one I have on right now. It’s from ROOTS—army-fatigue-green with Johnny collar, chest pockets, and button-tabbed cropped sleeves.

I think the colour and neckline are totally flattering, so it stays.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing that you would never let Stacey and Clinton—hosts of TLC’s What Not to Wear—get their hands on?


  1. I only wish I was there to shop with you! I really like that top btw.

  2. Nice top.
    Oh... and I have those days too.

    I am a basic kind of girl. T-shirts and tank tops. :)
    My favourite is an Old Navy back T with a racer back. I love it.

  3. like the top... my favorite is my plain grey t-shirt. i wear it 3 or 4 times a week. i know my hubbie gets tired of seeing it.... one day he asked me if i had any clean laundry???? I did, but I am so tired of my clothes.... they are BLAH!

    thanks for the paint idea, i might totally take you up on that.... i wish i could use spray apint- i am obsessed with it! color ideas? it is my hallway so the only think that is up there is picutres and the frames are all black.... there is NO color there- I know you said how bold.... but i need color numbers and brands- you are good at that!

    Have a great wednesday!

  4. I totally have these days! I need to purge my closet, drawers, and ... floor (ahem).

    What one item would I hide from Stacey and Clinton? My shiney red patent leather Dansko clogs. They're my happy shoes. Now I just need a purse to go with'em. Hmmmmm.

  5. Geesh! 37 shirts...I can't feel sorry for you even if I try! :)

  6. I want to see you in the orange one that's posted in the photo.

  7. I think if you actually count the hangers, there are more like 60 tops in there. Gack.

    Anybody need shirts? Size M or 10/12. Take your pick.

  8. I really have days like that. Despite having enough clothes to dress the entire family in my closet.

    Your top is really flattering.

  9. I am soooooo with you! I cannot stand my mommy wardrobe, and what is worse is that most of my clothes are maternity clothes (four kids in four years will do that). Super grumpy about it and so ready to look HAWT (after I lose my baby weight from #2,3,and 4...) Happy POW!

  10. Everyday, Girl, everyday...

    And I refuse to shop until I'm happy with the gut, but in my defense, the baby is only 5 months old. Okay, that's no excuse...don't judge me!

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  12. That's me every day...even after a shopping trip.
    Sad, I know.