Monday, September 8, 2008

Homework Station

Already a week has gone by and we are well into the routine of school. Last week was easy—no homework. Today, I expect, will be different. In preparation, and in an effort to make the chore seamless, I have readied the kitchen drawer closest to “The Homework Counter” as a catch-all for Quinn’s supplies: pencils and sharpeners, erasers and highlighter pens, glue sticks and markers, notepads and rulers. {Note my cool use of an old cutlery tray. I replaced this icky blue one with a brilliant white version, which just makes my heart sing every time I open the cutlery drawer!}

So this afternoon, when he hops off the bus and trudges into the kitchen with a backpack full of word wall words and spelling sheets, Quinner can find everything he needs to get started right away, and do so without asking “Maaawwwm, where’s the ?-?-?”.


  1. You are soooo organized.....I think you should become a professional organizer too!!!
    I love your daily inspirational I HAVE NOT missed a day yet!!
    Keep them coming :)
    Tammy Rintoul xoxo

  2. Aw, Quinn is so lucky! I wish someone would do that for me. :)


  3. I love this idea. I've been thinking about putting together a homework supplies basket, since I don't have any drawer space to spare in the kitchen. In addition to all of your wonderful ideas to stock it with, I want to add plenty of notebook paper so it is always handy! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you'll have much more effective afternoons due to that great drawer.

  4. Joe you are so great! Will you please come organize my house for me. LOL :)

  5. You are way to organized! Wow! BTW...I have a challenge for you. workoutmommy and I (mostly her) put together a 10 step workout....I want your feedback! Might even challenge you a bit! :)