Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Instant Recognition

I was leaving a shopping mall this afternoon, and as I passed through the door, a gentleman was coming toward me. I recognized him immediately, and felt confident enough to exclaim “I know you!” He looked at me with that puzzled look one gives in moments like these, so I continued, “Ski patrol. Mont Ste. Marie. I’m Lincoln and Sharon’s daughter, Joanne!”

I still couldn’t place this fellow’s name, so I asked. (I won’t say it here, but Mom, his initials are D.P-ovich. Really handsome, dark hair, moustache.)

“YES!” He was amazed I recognized him so easily, as I was only 9 or 10 years old during the time I knew him (27 years ago—ack!). I replied “I have a thing for faces”, when I perhaps should have said “You must have made an impression on me!”

We exchanged a few quick updates—mostly of my parent’s current whereabouts—then he had to dash off to work. I handed him my business card with an invitation to pass along some hellos to my folks, and was off.

The whole way home, I recalled those silly crushes I used to get, and fondly remembered swooning over Mr.P as a girl.

I never forget a face.


  1. How nice that you never forget a face! Even nicer that you actually act on the impulse to say hello and reconnect with someone. I bet you made his day.

    Nice story!

  2. That's cool - how great that you recognized him! I'm horrible with faces, really terrible. I walk by people I KNOW and don't recognize them, lol. Ah, I remember those silly crushes too . . .

  3. Oh, I'm just like Shannon and it's so embarrassing to forget faces...much much worse than forgetting a name....and I thought I was the only one....

    Joe, i loved the line about how you should have said that he made an impression....nicely written.


  4. I don't forget faces, it's the context that escapes me... then I need to name. :)