Friday, September 5, 2008

Palette: Seashells

How many times have you walked along a glorious beach and returned home with a pocketful of shells? Have you ever looked closely at their colours? I mean really closely? Close enough to see the subtle changes from dark to light? From blush pink to sandy gold? From pearl white to midnight blue?

Seashells are Mother Nature’s contribution to the most serene and tranquil palettes, while also offering unexpected contrasts, inspiring unique and inviting combinations of colour for use in our homes, crafts and wardrobes.

“Seashells”: Pantone 490, 4995, 4665, 482

If you would like to know paint equivalents to these colours, simply post a comment and I will happily provide.


  1. This is gorgeous! You probably already know about this site, but on the offchance you don't . . . have you been to colourlovers?

    very cool!

  2. Great colors. How I wish I could walk along the beach everyday with a pocket full of seashells. Doesn't happen often enough since I live in Illinois!