Friday, September 19, 2008

Storytime: Leopold in Africa

Today was a big day for Leopold the Ladybug. He had just learned to fly. His Mother and Father were so proud of him, and were excited for him to discover the world.

Leopold had watched his older brothers and sisters fly. Once they were old enough, they ventured out into the world on their own. Stories would arrive home of their travels—wonderful adventures and interesting tales of new places and creatures from around the globe.

Now it was Leopold’s turn. He had heard delightful accounts of a place called Africa and thought that this would be his first great destination.

And so he went.

It took him twenty-seven days to arrive on the African shore. He traveled over mountains and forests, lakes and oceans. Of course, Leopold was able to rest occasionally—on backs of horses, on bumpers of cars, and on decks of mighty ships.

Africa offered so many sights he had never seen before—zebras and lions, giraffes and elephants. And so many sounds he had never heard before—bongos and kalimbas, pipes and marimbas! What a magical, musical world!

Leopold knew this land was extraordinary, and wished to spend more time here, but as his Mother and Father and brothers and sisters told him “This land will wait for you to return. Go forth and find new adventures. Fill your life with new sights and sounds, and you will always be fulfilled.”

And so he went.


  1. Hmmmm... what new lands did you discover today?

  2. No new lands today - just a little story I've had in my head for a few years. Of course it could be expanded upon, and perhaps I will someday ;)

  3. That was lovely! I believe Leopold definitely has many journeys in his future...