Friday, September 26, 2008

Ten years.

On September 26, 1998 I married my true love.

The Autumn colours were exquisite—reds, golds, dark greens. It was a hot day—Indian Summer, I suppose. I remember standing in the church vestibule waiting for my moment to walk up the aisle. As the custodian opened the colossal wooden doors, our 200 guests stood and turned their heads to me. Those nearest the door heard me gasp. It was a moment I will never forget. I can feel it now, in my gut, in my throat and in my heart.

And there was Andrew. My true love. The calm to my storm. The serious to my silly. The anchor to my wings. My favourite everything.

Andrew, I love you.
There have been so many moments in these first 10 years with you as my husband, that I have had to gasp. You take my breath away.

Happy Anniversary, Bun.


  1. Congratulations and have a wonderful time celebrating!

  2. What a gorgeous picture!!!! Look at you two stunning individuals - beautiful! I love fall weddings, I remember we attended two that fall here in Ottawa, it was lovely. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

  3. Great pictures! Happy Anniversary