Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 of my favourite paint colours!

Colour, colour everywhere!

Here are some of my top paint colour picks, as used in my own home.
All are from the Pratt & Lambert collection. Have fun!

Grape Hyacinth 31-24.
Powder room. Love it behind the crisp white fixtures.

Melon Green 18-28.
A fresh welcome for guests.

November 26-26.
Quinn’s grown-up blue.

November 26-26.
Another view. The grayness brings a maturity to this colour.

Safari 8-29.
Our basement family room. As yellow as I am willing to go.
A warm, soft backdrop to any wood colour.

Safari 8-29.
With the flash this time. Don’t judge me. That’s TEN years of corks!

Silver Birch 18-31.
The softest green. Started in my original guest room, which is now Jake’s room. Brought it into the boys’ bathroom. A surprising amount of green, compared to the chip which appears more grey. Love it!

Silver Birch 18-31.
As seen in Jake’s room. Before his arrival = before the clutter!

Shadow Beige 11-28.
In my dining room. Soon to be in my foyer and family room. Such a complex colour, as it takes on a modern warm gray with the clear light of daytime, yet warms up to an enticing mushroom beige in the evening, with candlelight or dimmed incandescent lighting.

If you can source the paint chips for these colours from your local Pratt & Lambert dealer, I suggest you do. These colours are so inviting, warm and classic—in any environment.


  1. They're all lovely. I'm particulary interested in Shadow Beige and November. Thanks for the peek into your home! So pretty!

  2. I love the lavender - it's my favourite colour. I could totally be comfortable peeing in a bathroom that looks that colour :-)

  3. Lovely. We tend to like our colours a bit "stronger" -- The Boy's room was crayon yellow. I'll have to post photos for you....

  4. Very gorgeous colours!
    Want to come clean my house?