Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I need your help.

I have no idea what to write. I know I should write every day—and I want to! That is what I originally set out to do here at JoeGirl. I know I have loyal readers, who I feel I disappoint if I fail to write something particularly witty or informative. Even my Mom checks in every day to see what I have come up with, and inquires when I have missed a day or two. Fact is, I feel pressure. I don’t write well under pressure.

A few of my first posts were really good, but I seem to have lost my sense of wit when it comes to refreshing JoeGirl entries. Lately I have been focusing on practical, informative posts. And while everybody likes a good tip now and then, I feel like they are a cop-out for me. I would much rather write a sarcastic, silly or senseless tale about a daily situation or scenario. But frankly—as the saying goes—I don’t get out much, so new and inspiring circumstances rarely come along.

So, I am coming to you for advice. Should I keep pressuring myself to write every day, just for the sake of writing, or do I wait for the right story to come along, and share it when it does?

You tell me.

What have been your favourite JoeGirl posts, and why?
What topics do you feel I tackle best?

I need brutal honesty here, if I am to continue with JoeGirl.

What I need most are your comments! Just below every post in pink uppercase letters, there is a little “COMMENTS” link. If you click on that word, you will be presented with a box in which to leave me a note. If you choose to select the Anonymous option, please at least leave your initials. I do read every comment. In fact, I THRIVE on them! It’s the only real way I know anybody is reading. Sometimes, I even reward you for leaving comments, with gifts and prizes!

So c’mon, JoeGirl readers! Let me know you’re out there, and what you want to read!

As always, thank you for reading JoeGirl.


  1. Hi!

    If it makes you feel better, I have similar problems, trying to find something to write about.

    I could see your site as being a family-oriented decor/style blog. After all, they say you should write about what you know. Perhaps see it as a sort of magazine with that as the theme, and add 'interest' articles to keep us posted as to what's going on in your life esp within that concept.

  2. You're doing great! I personally prefer "quality" to "quantity". You have to be careful not to expect every post to be a masterpiece though.

    I enjoy your personal anecdotes about life situations just as much as I do your decorating/style tips and thoughts. Just keep mixing it up. It's working for you!

    It might release some of the pressure if you give yourself a goal of 3 solid posts a week. If you crank out one or two more - bonus!


  3. Hey! I found your site through smartcanucks. I'm a graphic designer down south (KW region). I have to say though, I kind of like where you're going with your blog right now. I've read a few entries and I like what you've written.

    Perhaps you need to broaden your range and comment on other blogs, in order to get more views and hits on your page? Just a little suggestion.

    Also, it'd be cool if we could view a small portfolio of yours! :)

  4. Hey! I found your blog through smartcanucks as well! I read a few of your blog entries and I must say they are really well written and they get you thinking and kinda chuckle at the way the world.
    I definitely know what you mean by not having anything to write about ... as someone else above me said "it's quality not quantity" so I wouldn't worry if you have nothing to write about one day, I'm sure your inspiration will come back!! :)

  5. Yup, I too found your blog through Smart Canucks.

    This is YOU'RE blog, so write whenever you damn well feel like writing! :)

    One quality post a week should be just fine. There's nothing worse then when you feel you must type something just to fill up your blog with content.

    Blogging is supposed to FUN. When you find it's becoming a chore, take a break, and think back as to why you began blogging in the first place.

  6. Joe Girl,

    I {heart} your blog... I love all that you write about. I like the posts most about colors and the ones about your kiddos. Kacey and I have a hard time with Kiki & Lele blog trying make posts every day... We try and change it up from buisness to personal... that helps- people are nosy and love to see other peoples personal lives... At least I am...
    But, I toally love your blog just the way it is!


  7. I'll be the fourth to say that I discovered your blog through and I am pleasantly surprised!

    Your blog is the most real and genuine experience I've had on the Internet in a really long time...your writing is so true to yourself. That's what makes it a GREAT blog!

    So keep up the good work and honestly, write about whatever you want, whatever inspires you and you never know, it just may inspire one of your readers!

    Adam ^_^

  8. Hey there :]

    I'm here via a link from SmartCanucks, and I think you should just post when you feel like posting. If you want to try writing every day, then do it just for yourself -- not for a blog audience! There are days I update my blog four times, and then four days will go by without an update, but remember that people come to your site because they connect with you, and it takes awhile for that connection to fade enough that they never come back.

    PS: Love the Etsy stuff! OMG, how cute are the cards?!

  9. I'm another Smart Canucks fan :)
    I'm hosting my first official Christmas dinner this year (about 20 plus family members)
    Any tips about what's "in" for table settings, centerpeices, colours, etc would be GREAT...obviously closer to the holidays would be a great time to post that info :)

  10. I think it's very common for bloggers to feel pressure to right something witty and spectacular every single day, but it's incredibly difficult. Just go with the flow, see what you can come up with each day and let it go where it does.

    If you're very committed to writing every day, be sure to carry a notebook with you wherever you go (and keep one on your bedside table) so that you can jot down all those ideas spinning around in your mind all day long. Pull it out whenever you're looking for an idea to blog about.

    I think your site is fantastic, I enjoy reading it regularly and it always makes me smile!