Friday, October 17, 2008

Palette: Grapevine

One of my favourite colour combinations for beadwork lately: plum and peridot green. These beads were part of the assortment I used to create a stunning silver leaf and bead necklace for my birth-Mother, Leesa. Didn’t think to take a photo of it… sorry.

If I had a daughter, chances are good her room would be a sweet interpretation of this palette.

“Grapevine”: Pantone 5195, 4995, 370, 366

Pantone is a colour system used primarily by graphics professionals and offset printers. As always, if you’d like to know paint equivalents for these colours, simply post a comment with your request, and I will be oh-so-happy to oblige!

• Oct 18th Update: Leesa graciously photographed her necklace and sent it along to be included here. When worn, the beads and sterling silver leaves fall gently along Leesa’s collarbone, making it look a lot less rigid than it does here.


  1. I love that shade of plum, it's gorgeous. My bridesmaids had dresses similar to that colour b/c it was one of my favourite colours. I would have loved to see a picture of the necklace - I bet it is completely beautiful!

  2. These are colours I would never have chosen for myself...I leave it in the hands of Joanne, with her eye for such an exquisite combination. I'll send a picture so you can update your readers; the piece is too beautiful to keep to myself.