Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Swatchbook: Keeping colours close at hand

Try this idea to always have your home’s colour palette handy:
  1. Find a cheap 4x6 pocket photo album.
  2. Create a template to note the qualities of each room. I created mine in Adobe Illustrator—because I am sooo an Adobe girl, and so NOT a Microsoft girl. But if you must, Excel would do a fine job of this task.
    Here’s a PDF of my file for you to try [ Swatchbook.pdf | 30k ].
  3. Make note of things like: room size, sun exposure, ceiling height, paint finish (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc.), date painted, even window dimensions.
  4. Pick up paint chips for each colour you have used throughout your home. Include accent colour chips as well, or colours you’d like to use in the future.
  5. Add bits of fabric or even photos—from the existing space, or your inspiration file.
  6. Carry your swatchbook with you everywhere you go—you’ll never miss out on that perfect accessory again!


  1. Excellent idea! I carry the measurements of a space (wall or floor) that's in need of an accessory too. I also, always have a small measuring tape in my purse. My toddler plays with it!

  2. You're one smart little lady! That's an awesome idea, especially since I can't carry a colour in my head. I have to rely on Rob, who's good at that. Marce!

  3. OMG - you're too good. I'm slowly getting my life organized again after the chaos of three kids so close together . . . so I'm taking notes and following all your tips. That is a GREAT idea.

  4. So organized you are! I have to show this one to my wife...great stuff! Thanks!