Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Torn between two loves

You all know I am passionate about colour. Well, sometimes that passion interferes with effective decision making.

I have been struggling with paint colour for my kitchen walls for a long time now—in fact, since we moved in to this house over five years ago. It is still the hideous butter yellow it was when we bought the place, and I cursed the colour even then. I think it is Benjamin Moore’s Vellum. I’m not a big yellow fan, especially on walls. I have no idea how I have lasted this long. Is it any wonder my meals are less then inspired?

So I am finally ready to paint. I think. I am torn between two shades. A dirty, slate grey-blue (Behr’s “Rhino”, shown above), and my favourite neutral, Pratt & Lambert’s “Shadow Beige”.

So, hear me out:

—One of my favourite accent colours.
—A fresh surprise when you enter the kitchen, after coming from neutral foyer and dining room (painted, or will be painted Shadow Beige).
—Uncommon kitchen colour choice. And you know, I always go for the uncommon.
—Works well with existing counter top.
—I’ve bought all kinds of accessories to match.
—Too blue?

Shadow Beige:
—One of my favourite neutral colours.
—A consistent backdrop for seasonal, ever-changing accessories.
—No commitment to a set colour palette.
—Continuous flow of colour from room to room.
—Too boring?

At time of posting, I am completely 50:50 on this. Hoping my lovely and loyal JoeGirl readers can lend some advice. Here are some pics to help you, help me.

1: Sample of kitchen counter—a faux slate.

2: Long wall of kitchen cabinets. I tried P & L’s “Kodiak Grey” behind stove, but feel it is too dark. The back splash hopes to be slate cobblestone someday soon.

3: View of dining room from kitchen. Painted Shadow Beige.

As always, I crave your feedback.


  1. Rhyno for sure - I say go for the uncommon. I think it would accent the dark cabinets and drawers on the bottom very nicely - and you could do a lot to highlight with your decorating skills. It would go with the counter too, I think. I've put off painting our kitchen too, I think b/c my real dream is to completely remodel it, lol.

    Good luck with the paint choice!

  2. I say go for the Rhino. It will break up the continuous colour throughout the rest of the house. I think it will look great with the dark and light cupboards. And it's not too blue.... have you seen our kitchen??!


  3. I like the rhino too. I find it very fresh and clean and peaceful. Nice for a kitchen!


  4. You guys are so great - Thank You!

    My heart is leaning toward the Rhino, for sure. My brain tells me to keep it neutral with Shadow Beige. I'm always afraid to commit to a colour palette, thinking I will change my accessories every holiday/season. It never happens.

    And I do so love the Rhino ;)

  5. Joe, you would hate my kitchen. I made a 'poor' colour choice but now love it. Meant to get a nice, soft, warm yellow something like your Safari. Wound up with bright sunshine-burst yellow by accident. Behr's Mellow Yellow isn't very mellow. But it works! Especially when you consider that when I moved in it was neon pumpkin.

    I'm more a fan of brighter shades and sunshine-warmth in kitchens for myself, but from what you're saying I'd go with the Rhino. It's what your heart wants. And if it doesn't work ... well, then you can always paint again.