Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happiness 101.4

It has been far too long since I made a regular appearance here. As such, I spent much of today reading through the JoeGirl archives, trying to collect some inspiration to write. There are so many posts from the past year that I think are worth revisiting, but I’ll let you find those on your own. Look thru June and July 2008. There is some excellent material back there.

I was particularly inspired by my Happiness 101 entries. And—as I have been distracted of late by my obsession with all things health + fitness, and unable to think of anything else inspiring—I thought a simple Happiness 101 post would be the perfect way to kick off more regular contributions here at JoeGirl… once again.

Here is my current list of simple things that bring a smile to my face just thinking about them.
  • Dancing. Summer 2009 favourites? “Boom Boom Pow” [Black Eyed Peas], “Poker Face” [Lady GaGa], “Calle Ocho” [Pitbull], and “Africa” [Karl Wolf].
  • Walking down the stairs to Marshall’s gym, anticipating another incredible workout.
  • Marley, surprising me by gently putting her head on my lap from under my desk.
  • Sunshine. We’ve had record-breaking rainfall here in Eastern Ontario this Summer.
  • Rainbow Trout and fresh steamed green vegetables.
  • Putting on a pair of shorts from last summer and watching them fall right off. Two sizes too big is such an incredible feeling.
  • Finally picked out a new pair of skis today to replace my defective ones. They are spicy sweet—Elan’s Black Magic.
  • Quinn and Jake laughing together tonight. I have no idea what they were doing, but the sound of their laughter made my heart sing.
  • My shiny new Sharpie pens.
  • Jake delivered a fresh sprig of garden Lavender to me while I was in the bath this evening.
  • Thinking of darkening my hair.
  • Bare feet. Short, unpolished finger and toenails. Makeup-free face. Hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Simply… Fresh.
  • Knowing I can trust my best friends with my life.
  • Vodka + Tonic with lemon and lime.
  • Falling asleep listening to my iPod—Angels + Airwaves. The Fray. Colbie Caillat.
  • My three boys. They are so darned adorable [See picture below. Taken July 25, 2009].
  • Knowing you are still out there, ready to read when I am ready to write.
What are your Happinesses today?

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