Monday, August 10, 2009

Milestone Monday

In this, my time of goal-setting, perseverance and—hopefully—achievement, I thought an idea toward motivation and determination might be to document periodic milestones. What better day than Monday—the start of a fresh week of challenges and conquests.

Today’s milestone? Just moments ago, I proudly put away some new clothes I bought last evening. New clothes which are the smallest size I have ever purchased as an adult: Two pairs of Size 4 pants, and two Extra Small t-shirts.

In April, I was ecstatic to go home from Joe Fresh, my favourite clothes shop, with Size 8 pants, fully expecting I would be a Size 10. Last night, fitting into Size 4 completely floored me. In fact, I did try on—and fit into— some Size 2 pants as well, but I wasn’t crazy about the pants themselves. Last Friday night, I even bought a pair of Size 2 Eddie Bauer cords, but am choosing to return them, as they are a little snug in the rise (ie: camel toes/moose knuckles/wedgie!), and so not worth the $80 I paid for them. So, I am not considering myself a true Size 2… just yet.

What milestones have you reached lately?

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  1. I didn't know you were blogging again! Wonderful to see you and it sounds like you've been taken excellent care of yourself. :-) Delighted to see you, and happy that you're healthy and enjoying your summer. You and the family look fantastic! XO, Chris