Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today, I walked.

If you know me at all, you know I am not a walker.

As a kid, I always wanted to be in the stroller, on my Mom’s hip, or in the car. As a teen, I sneakily waited five minutes before leaving to meet my best friend half-way on the path that joined our two houses. Recently, I cringed at the idea of incorporating walk-runs into my training schedule, but with time, I have come to enjoy them, and even challenge myself to beat my best pace time.

Today, I needed to walk out of necessity. Andrew had the truck (we are picking up our new-to-us second vehicle tomorrow), and I had a hair appointment at my local salon. Not too far—only about 2km, but oh, what a chore to have to walk there. Alas, off I went for my 10am date with Wayne, my stylist.

As I walked, I was astounded at how quickly my attitude changed.

As I walked, I thought to myself “I am one of them. One of those walkers I often admire while I whiz by in my gas-guzzler”.

As I walked past the little house on Main Street which was, in my childhood days, The Children’s Shoppe, I remembered with a sheepish grin, the time the store owner called my Mother to ask if she knew my older sister and I were buying candy there every day on our way to school.

As I walked, I looked across to the school I attended for Kindergarten and Grade One, and remembered the time I tried to sharpen my finger in the pencil sharpener. The time my older sister kicked the metal latch off of my Snoopy lunchbox. The smell of rubber cement, and the feel of that glassine paper we would cut and fold into wonderful creations. The coolness of the gym mats we would rest upon during quiet time.

As I walked, I tried to place myself back thirty years into the body of my seven-year old self. I have no idea what I looked like then, but I remember being carefree and probably somewhat silly, as I am today.

As I walked, I reached up into the leaves which dangled above the sidewalk, and reveled in the glorious nature I held in my hand.

As I walked, I smiled one of the biggest, most heartfelt smiles I have felt in a while. The smile came from allowing myself to feel like a child again, and not think about anything else but the sweet moments and memories that changed with each footstep.

What a wonderful walk.

PS: Here’s my new hair.


  1. Ahhh-ha! I knew you waited those 5 minutes! So funny. Don't forget all those times when Sharon would ask if you'd taken Benji for a walk, to which you'd roll your eyes and say "YES, I took him for a walk." The 'walk' was out the back sliding door onto the lawn.
    Ahh, thems were the days!

  2. I love to walk, it's one the issues I'm having with this foot issue. It hurts if I go too far. Alas...

    Yesterday was a great day for a walk...

    Good hair too.

  3. That WAS a wonderful walk! I think it's neat that you're able to walk the same paths and routes that you did as a young girl.

    Your hair looks great!