Sunday, October 4, 2009

“ I am doing this!”

As part of my health and fitness goal-setting, my trainer, Marshall Page, has suggested I come up with ten or more positive affirmations to which I can refer throughout the day—especially at times of temptation or frustration.

I am a list-maker, as you know, so this shouldn’t have been a difficult assignment for me. I started working with Marshall on May 23rd, and it has taken me until now to create, and deliberately refer to, positive affirmations. Sure, there were encouraging phrases and anecdotes rattling around in my head, but to nail them down into a neat and tidy note took some effort.

Here are my ten “mantras” I choose to live by for the moment. I have one posted right here beside me at my desk, and another on the pantry door where all the temptations live.
good eats + no cheats
What I eat has a direct and immediate impact on my health and fitness.

I am an inspiration
So many friends, both men and women, have come to me for guidance with their own journey to health. I think of them when I am struggling to eat right, or at the gym when I need an extra kick of enthusiasm.

do something different
This is my 2009 New Years’ Resolution that stuck. It relates to everything in my life, but is included here as a reminder to eat something else, or to find a distraction.

clean food = clean results
A reminder to keep my food simple and clean. Shop from the produce and deli sections of the supermarket. Nothing prepared, or filled with additives and preservatives. Why do I want that stuff in my body?

I’m burning fat…
When I first started my nutritional plan, and would feel those pesky hunger pains, I would remind myself of the incredible fat-burning my body was doing.

126lbs + 20% body fat
My goal… great to see those numbers are so close now, and so far away from where I was when I began.
JANUARY 1/09: 152lbs and over 32% body fat
NOW: 127lbs and 22% body fat

water first
A little trick to curb those cravings is to down a 500ml bottle of water before eating something. Works almost every time.

I am in control
Shouldn’t we all be?

this is the one
This is what Marshall declares on the last set or rep of my workouts. It fires me up and drives me to keep giving 110%. I use it here to remind myself this decision is the decision. The one temptation I refuse. The one apple I choose. The one compliment I accept. The one judgment I resist. The one life I have.

I’ve only just begun
Most training days, I am excited to bounce into Marshall’s to tell him about the pounds I have lost, or the new muscle I found, or the latest compliment I received. He often replies with “And you’ve only just begun!” This reminds me how relatively easy this journey has been, and by sticking to my goals every moment, I can do anything.
If you have a goal—toward any aspect of your life, no matter how simple or grand—create your list of positive affirmations or mantras. Simple thoughts you can use throughout the day to keep you on track.

What are some of your mantras?
If you need assistance with this, please leave a comment—I’d love to help.


  1. What a fabulous idea - this is really fantastic!!! I should SO do this. I love your number one - I saw a nutritionist/naturopath last month and she suggested some pretty major changes to my diet. I totally need to stay focused some days and remind myself how when I eat well, I feel great. When I eat crap, I literally feel like crap!! So simple, so some days so hard to do.

    And I really do think you're an inspiration . . . I think you'll need to come over here and kick me in the butt :)

  2. Thanks so much for your generous words, Shannon!

    I am more than happy to give your butt a kicking anytime! We all need occasional help finding our intended direction… if I can help, I will be more than happy to do so!


  3. Awesome awesome and awesome!!! Keep at 'er Arse!

  4. Thanks, Pig ;)

    [For those of you reading these comments, the above was posted by my lifelong best friend. We have many silly nicknames for one another]