Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Living my spirit…

Today is my 38th birthday. The greatest gift I could receive is one I have recently given to myself—the freedom to live my spirit.

The past six months have been extremely regenerative for me. I have altered my body such that it is still somewhat unrecognizable to me. How long will it take before I visualize myself as the smaller, stronger and more defined woman I am today? What astounds me, is that every time I attempt to answer that question, I respond “It doesn’t matter how I look. It is my spirit that I must recognize.”

Through daily exercises in self-talk, positive thinking, discovery of purpose, and subconscious conversation, I have recently—as recently as a few days ago—found myself in the clearest state of mind and spirit I have ever experienced in my entire life. I feel completely whole and intact. I no longer consume myself with how others respond to my words or actions. Of course, I take care with those whom I choose to surround me, however I accept only positive contributions along my journey, and into my life. I am in control of how I respond to—and create—my environment, and how it affects my spirit.

I choose to live with passion, as far outside the box as possible. I dance in my car. I coast on the grocery cart. I jump in to help an older shopper struggling to find a ripe kiwi and continue to chat with her about avocados, oatmeal, and life in England. I feed my kids leftover pizza and birthday cake for breakfast. I do chin-ups on the branches of our front tree while waiting for Quinn’s school bus. I tell my friends I love them. I ask questions. I connect. I smile. I greet each person with a quiet wish for their happiness. I laugh freely and without reservation. I live my spirit.

Yes, some people think I am crazy, weird, silly… What a shame. Those people are placing limitations on themselves, not allowing their own spirits to shine through. I tell you, being silly is way more fun than living in a box, living without passion, or living outside of my spirit.

Happy Birthday, JoeGirl. I love you and your fulgent spirit. Shine on!


  1. Awesome!!!


  2. Happy Birthday sweetie,
    You are inspired, & inspiring. You've accomplished so much in just a year future is without limits and the boys and I are are very proud of what you've done and become.
    You are the light in our lives - keep on shining!

    Have a great day!
    i love you, i love you, I Love You!

  3. Lovely. Happy Birthday Dear Joe :)


  4. Beautiful! I totally agree and I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful birthday MAF. I love you.
    x000x Silliness, laughter and love is the way to go!


  5. Absolutely amazing and completely inspiring . . . I should print this out and read it every single day! Happy birthday and congratulations on a fabulous year!

  6. You're a constant inspiration to us all Joanne. You have a spirit for life that we all envy, and can take as an example. You deserve every happiness as you move into your 39th year! We love you,

  7. I'm late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your journey is inspiring and wonderful. I'm SO happy for you! XO

  8. "I choose to live with passion, as far outside the box as possible."

    What a statement!

    I am going to use the quote with your permission. Full rights to you of course...let me know. :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!