Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 15

It has been three sleeps since my inaugural Live Your Spirit!™ workshop on nutrition last Thursday night. In the hours that followed, I received nothing but positive feedback and encouraging praise from the five ladies in attendance. Another nutrition workshop has already been organized for a group of 12 participants later in February. My instinct to continue with a full series has been validated enough to spend much of this evening developing a complete line-up of workshops.

In additional to Nutritional Blueprints, future workshop topics include: Fitness Blueprints, Attracting Your Ideal Mate, How to Love + Be Loved, Attracting your Ideal Career, Parenting Blueprints, and Attracting Wealth.

I am so excited and inspired to develop these programs! With the information gathered at each workshop, I will develop my Live Your Spirit!™book series—a collection of lessons, questions, case studies and practical action plans for every aspect of life.

…What inspired YOU today?

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