Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 2

In a word: Tara.

Tara is my newest gal pal. She stopped into the gym many months ago to inquire, then returned shortly thereafter to begin her Membership. With her blue highlights and hairy legs (it’s okay, even she jokes about this), we hit it off right away—hard and fast. This girl is one of a kind. Yes, in truth we are all one of a kind, but let’s face it, we know an independent, spirited, inspired woman when we see one. This Tara chick… she’s got it all, Babe.

Why does she inspire me so? Tara reminds me that it’s okay to trust, to let yourself open up and reveal yourself to another person, even if you’ve only recently met; that it’s a wonderful gift to share laughter; and that simple gestures really are the best kind. Tara also reminds me that it is okay to be weak at times, and to require—and ask for—support; that tears don’t need to be hidden and fears needn’t be forbidden.

Tara and I are kindred spirits in such an uncanny sense. We both saved the same nest + eggs sticker from a 2006 children’s clothing promotion and adhered it to our newborn baby’s bookshelf. Her second born is only six days younger than mine. She has the china pattern I wanted for my wedding registry (though I opted for a simpler more traditional “safe bet”). She loved Cyndi Lauper in the 80s (only a few of us would admit that). We live three blocks apart. We are Mac users. We can talk about the Universe and thought in one breathe, and making Boozy Popsicles in the next. We laugh and are silly. We dance.

Tara, you inspire me. Thank you.

… What inspired YOU today?

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