Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 20

You know those times when you see a product in a store that you think looks super cool, but… well, you’re not too sure if it’s really gonna work as well as they say it will? So you go home and look it up online, and… yah, people say it’s cool, but… really?

So the item falls to the back of your mind until you come across it again in another store. Damn. That thing really looks so cool. You add it to your Christmas ‘maybe’ list for the kids. You continue to investigate online—customer reviews, photos, blog references. Yep. Trés cool.

What the heck. It is reasonably priced, available for purchase in your neighbourhood, and again… seems really, really cool. You go for it. You wrap it up all purdy, and eagerly anticipate your children unwrapping it, and reveling in its glory more so than any other gift under the tree.

{Who are we kidding? There was a remote-control helicopter under the tree this year.}

But you know what? I nailed it. ZOKU nailed it. Their Quick Pop maker is everything they said—and I hoped—it would be, and it is without question the gift we have all spent the most time enjoying since its unveiling Christmas Day. Elegant design, simple use, fail-proof instructions, creative recipes and the opportunity to spend time exploring adventurous flavour combinations for—and with—my kids.

Go check it out. You know you want to. ZOKU Quick Pop Maker.
And yah, it can make grown-up pops too.

Chocolate Peanut Butter with Fresh Strawberries

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