Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 21

Quinn + Jake are buddies most of the time. There are five years between them, so it is commonplace for them to disagree on things like what movie to watch (Pixar versus Harry Potter), what to eat (pizza versus Brie and Paté) or what crafts to make (those melting iron bead things or fine bead jewelry).

While it is obvious Jake adores his big brother Quinn, for the most part Jake seems to be a thorn in Quinn’s side (based purely on Quinn’s perspective, that is).

Tonight the four of us snuggled on the sofa bed to watch Daddy Daycare. Usually Jake wants to be beside Mommy. Tonight, he wanted to be beside Quinner. No words were said to indicate this—merely body language. Throughout most of the movie, Jake was pressed right up alongside Quinn, and in several instances, climbed right up on him to lay in Quinn’s arms. Quinn embraced his adoring little brother, rubbed his back and hair, and simply let him snuggle. There were no bitter words like “Get OFF me!”, or “Mawwwwwm, tell Jake to leave me alone!”

Only love.

…What inspired YOU today?
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