Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 22

You want to hear something crazy?

I am friends with my ex-husband’s girlfriend on Facebook.

Yep. Wacko. I know.

The three of us went to lunch last November 11, 2011. As nervous as a teenaged girl on her first date, I wanted her to like me. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable or uneasy. I simply wanted everybody to get along as adults should. We met under the guise of a colour consult, so I came equipped with 30lbs of paint fandecks, and she brought samples of her bedroom linens. It was the perfect—albeit unnecessary—ice-breaker.

I think Andrew was the most uncomfortable of all of us. He was fidgety and quiet. Likely thinking, “Oh my God, my worlds are colliding.”

Within 24 hours, she and I had connected via private message on Facebook. Within another six, we were “Friends” with Andrew’s blessing, of course. Ever since, we have ‘liked’ and commented on each other’s status updates, photos, links and shares.

What a wonderful situation—to not begrudge the person who now occupies Andrew’s heart, simply because society expects me to. I am thrilled for both of them… so deserving of happiness.

Thank you, Caroline. You inspire me.

So… What inspired YOU today?

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  1. JoeGirl: I did not become friends with my ex-husband's second wife, but I did become very good friends with Marguerite, the lady that replaced her. She was kind and generous, she and my children and her children all got along very well together and all of them, including her grandchild, were at my son Paul's and daughter Finola's weddings.

    Unfortunately, she died some years ago. I grieved for her and missed her.

  2. Lovely, Eileen… Thank you. Fin has spoken very fondly of Marguerite. It is so giving for all involved to come into every relationship with an open mind, free from judgment and expectation.

    Thank you for reading JoeGirl :)