Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 30

Some days there are too many highlights to choose only one to feature here. Today was one of those days. Here’s my list of inspirations since I woke at 6am…

6:00am… Céline’s email. {Thank You}

6:50am… The first moments of sunrise as I arrived back home after driving Marshall to work.

7:00am… Rocking out to the Burlesque soundtrack as I drove. Damn, that is feel-good music.

7:30am… The way Quinn leaped up from his chair to approach me for a good morning hug when I arrived at Andrew’s this morning.

11:30am… Tara’s first chest + back workout on her next program. She pushed though some ego moments and won the “I can’t do this” war. You ought to feel it tomorrow, Babe. See you Wednesday for core + legs!

2:30pm… My girl EmVee walked in the door, whom I haven’t seen in a few weeks as she has been admirably putting in loads of overtime to put away for her RRSP contribution. She was all glammed up with a leopard-print scarf, looking so fine. So great to see you, Melissa!

2:50pm… Kelly + Craig arrived to deliver some goodies from home for Cierra. Kelly, your eyes always melt my heart a little. You are so extraordinarily beautiful. Thank you for our first 16 years of honest answers and sage advice.

3:50pm… The strong possibility of an Interior Design/Decorating contract for an exciting client. Stay tuned…

4:00pm… My boys as they hopped off the school bus. Never a moment more beautiful then when I lay eyes on them after even a minute apart.

All evening… Cierra’s magical engagement with the boys as I frantically worked to meet a graphic design deadline. She had them making papier maché masks of their own faces, washing up, and playing Go Fish while she prepared supper. Thank you, Sweet Girl.

6:30pm… Oh yes, the Fondue Soup was amazing!

9:47pm… Finding a quarter on the ground outside as Marshall and I took Marley out for her last pee of the day.  Thank you, Universe!

Now… Bed. Looking forward to spectacular dreams tonight.

{ Psst… I love to receive feedback on my posts. Please leave your comments whenever you feel inspired to do so! }

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