Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 31

It’s the last day of the first month of the New Year. I wished somebody I hadn’t seen since early December a Happy New Year today, and she was taken aback. Is it too late to wish somebody a Happy New Year? She seemed to indicate today was the last possible day to wish it, as January is all but over.

I think it’s never too late to wish anybody a Happy anything. You are wishing them prosperity, good health, wellness and love.

Funny. When I began writing, I had no intention of going in that direction. I had planned to show you the papier maché masks Cierra and the boys made last night. Tonight’s contribution to the project was another layer of paper strips, left to dry overnight so they can be painted tomorrow—assuming tomorrow is a “snow day” as anticipated, based on weather forecasts of freezing rain.

Can you tell which mask belongs to which face?

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  1. I don't know which mask belongs to which child, but I wouldn't mind having a bit of that delicious looking food on their plates!

  2. You can keep wishing people happy new year until the end of the week of the chinese new year. usually gives you heaps of time, but you have to stay aware - it changes every year :)