Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 6

From the moment they were first born, I have taught my boys to be gentle. Wait. I feel like I have written this before. Oh right, I have.

Please refer to ‘Exhibit A’ before continuing…
‘G is for Gentle’, originally posted July 4, 2008

Thank you. Let me continue…

My boys are most certainly gentle. At ages ten and a half (remember how important the increments were between birthdays?), and five and a half, they have grown into thoughtful, compassionate, observant, sweet young men. Sometimes they need reminding. Don’t we all? Yet most of the time, they take their gentle very seriously.

Gentle. When Quinn comes and wraps his arms around me for no other reason than just because.
Gentle. When Jake asks his daycare provider to phone me 30 seconds after dropping him off so he can tell me one more time that he loves me.
Gentle. How they take turns having Marley sleep on their beds, and whisper sweet nothings to her as if tucking her in.
Gentle. The way Quinn helps me bring the groceries in from the car, saying things like “No Mom, let me do it.”

Tonight the boys and I went to the movies. On our way out, Quinn held the door open for a man headed inside. He looked Eastern European—tall, dark moustache, maybe in his 50s. I don’t think that matters, but wanted you to imagine his character… In a great, booming voice he said to Quinn:

Thank You! You are a gentle boy!”

Quinn beamed the entire ride home. So did I.

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