Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 7

On the way home from skiing today, we listened to various weekend radio pop chart shows. Rick Dees was wrapping up, and The Canadian Hit 30 was next up. During both shows, several songs were included which are on my own personal hit list. So I quietly asked myself… Why do I love these songs so much? And it struck me… they all include the saxophone.

Here are a few of my favourite sax songs. Amazing how the same instrument can play such an integral role in songs of such varied genre. Enjoy.

Mr. Saxobeat, by Alexandra Stan

The Wedding Song, by Kenny G

Winter Winds, by Mumford & Sons (I think this is a trumpet, or other horn, but still… it counts)

Calabria 2007, by Enur, featuring Natasja

In the Dark, by Dev

12 Y 23, by Irakere (Please excuse the video/sound quality. This is the first track on the first Cuban album we ever owned. A gift in fact, from a local Cuban friend, Jorge Luis Mandina Perez, during my first trip there with Andrew in November 1998)

…What inspired YOU today?

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