Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 9

As soon as the first snowflake fell, Quinn + Jake began asking to go skating. Last year was Quinn’s first successful season on skates. He had a mission and did not stop until he was satisfied he could skate at his best friend’s hockey party without embarrassment. He caught the bug—bad—and could hardly wait for the ice to freeze so he could strap on the skates once again. Jake too… although more so I think just to keep up with his big brother.

This Winter, we have been blessed with the loveliest of house guests who…oh, just so happens to be a skate coach.

Watching Cierra work with Jake tonight, and seeing both boys revel in the pride that comes from participating wholeheartedly in Canada’s greatest pastime (ahem, besides skiing), was truly the greatest inspiration today.

…What inspired YOU today?

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