Thursday, 9 February 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 40

Tonight has been a whole new kind of quiet.

Only one body—mine. Well, unless you count Marley (le petit chien), which of course I do, so there were technically two bodies, so by all counts on my post from February 8th, I should have indicated there were five bodies.

I digress.

The boys are with Andrew on Thursday nights, Cierra and her first family have gone to the hockey game, and Marshall is working at the Centre, leaving me (and Marley) with the evening to spend alone.

My focus recently has been to breathe new life into my freelance design career. I have several modest contracts on my plate at the moment, and a plan in place to reconnect with past clients and establish new connections with a bunch of prospects.

This evening was spent flipping though some of my work (I had forgotten about some real gems!), browsing the web for ideas on how to jump back in (resume, portfolio, interview + networking guidance), and tinkering at the jobs I already have.

As much as I am a socialite, and sincerely relish time spent with others, digging deep into what makes them tick, sharing laughs and stories, I am truly an independent. Savouring the silence of home, the comforts of calm, and the fresh ideas that come from uninhibited inspiration.

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  1. I love this Joe. You are so lovely!!

  2. Thank you, Fin… I think YOU are so lovely too!