Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 102

Let’s just ignore the fact that I have missed/skipped/ignored/avoided my original intent to write every day for Inspiration 365.

It hasn’t been a particularly inspiring year thus far. Oh sure, I could have scrounged to find something to include every day—a funky website, a whimsical chapeau at a local second-hand shop, a quirky quote from the kids… But to be fair and honest, come bedtime, all I have wanted to do lately is crash and move toward a new day.

I thought tonight that it might be a good idea to write about the good, the bad and the ugly of late, just to bring you up to speed on the goings-on of my life since my last post, way back in February. I’ll do it in reverse order, just to keep things interesting…

The Ugly
  • Two words: I’m broke. Yep. I have never been more in debt and “up the creek” as I am now. Last month, my rent cheque bounced because Visa helped themselves to $500 from my rent account to cover the minimum payment on my over-extended credit card, which I have had to use to cover basic expenses just to get by. It sucks. Big time.  
The Bad
  • My downstairs neighbours in the three-storey triplex where I live are jerks. Well okay, that’s not nice, but they are behaving like jerks. I live on the main floor, and last September a young couple moved in below me. They have been so noisy that I have had to rap on their door twice to ask them to quiet down so my kids could sleep. While we were away in Florida, Cierra stayed here with Marley. Upon our return, she described how they were so loud at all hours of the day and night, and there was so much screaming going on, that she considered calling the police. I immediately called the landlord, who had previously been informed of their regular volume issues. He agreed to send them an email complaint. The next day, upon their arrival home and seeing me in the window, they proceeded to slam doors, crank up the volume, bang the ceiling, and  yell obscenities. Nice. More complaint to the landlord. He presented them with official complaint forms, and it has been eerily quiet ever since. It has been over a week now. I’m afraid the whole place might blow up from the tension.
The Good
  • I have officially relaunched my design career, under my original business name inDetail. It feels so good to be reaching out to past clients and making connections with possible new ones. I thrive on creating, designing, and beautifying all things. Call me.
  • In March, the boys, Marshall and I enjoyed our annual drive to spend the Spring break with my parents in Florida. This year, I was able to convince my sister and her family to join us. We drove down in tandem, exchanging bits of news and giddiness via walkie-talkie. The weather was glorious. The boys fantastic. Busch Gardens always wondrous and rejuvenating.
  • Word is getting out that I’m good with colour. I have conducted several home colour consultations this Spring. I always love hauling out my collection of fandecks, pouring through the thousands of colour options, narrowing it down to a select few that speak to me based on the surrounding decor, essence of the client, existing objets d’art, then presenting my ideas to the homeowner. Again, call me.
  • Some blasts from the past have been reaching out to reconnect. As much as I try to keep in touch with everybody who is special in my life, it is often tricky with the crazy schedule I keep. Having said that, to be thought of by others always touches me deeply, and I do so appreciate every note, phone call, ping and email from all those I cherish. Thank you.
  • I am getting better at asking for help. {H.E.L.P.} Refer to the aforementioned Bad and Ugly sections.
  • At the boys’ Scouting event this past weekend, one of Quinn’s leaders made a very deliberate point of approaching Andrew and me. “You’re Quinn’s parents, right?” “Yes, yes we are!” “Well,” he said “I just wanted to tell you Quinn is an amazing kid. He is truly a joy to have in our pack. Always listens and contributes. Never any behavioral problems. Really wonderful kid. Thank you.” Another leader overheard this and added “If only we could have another 19 just like him!” Andrew and I beamed. Quinn is an amazing kid. And truly, it never really surprises us to hear comments like this, but it sure does feel good every time.
  • Jake is now bringing home early readers. He relies mostly on the pictures adjacent to the words, but when he takes his time, he can actually read! I love this stage. He tries to read every word that crosses his path. A whole new world of discovery.
  • I applied to a full-time job last week, and am damned excited about it. The job posting reads as though it was written just for me. Surely they will call me for an interview. The idea of working 9–5, having a regular, reliable (and awesome) paycheck, sick days, vacation days, benefits and an excuse to go wardrobe shopping {did I say that aloud?} sends shivers up and down my spine. Very optimistic. Of course, I will keep you posted.
  • Had a bit of impromptu fun this past Monday, posing for some photographer friends who needed a model to test out some new lighting equipment. I have often toyed with the idea of modeling, and select few have suggested I might be kinda good at it. Was fun.
That’s all for now. Writing this took a lot out of me. I will try to be more regular {and upbeat} with my posts. Thank you to those of you who indicated you missed my writing. I missed it too.

Some photos to further entertain you…

One of my illustrated notecards, for my niece Sophie’s eight birthday.

Taken by the funky + cool Justin van Leeuwen at JVL Photo

Beaver Buggies + Kub Kars (not sure why it isn’t Cub Cars, but there it is…)

Taken by the ├╝ber-talented Younes Bounhar of Double Space Photography

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  1. Glad to have you back! I missed reading your words...all of them. And you look fab-u-lous darling!!!!

  2. Great photos! Justin is so terribly talented.

    Ups and downs, it's how life works eh? Keep my fingers crossed for you...