Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Been busy...

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. We've been busy! Quinn was home with Jake and I, though is now back at day camp for one more week. Hard to believe school will be starting soon, and our little man will be off to Senior Kindergarten!

Jake is doing very well. His 6-week check up proved he's an excellent eater. His weight was up to a whopping 11lbs 11oz, and length is now 22.5"! A good healthy boy! His 7th week brought on more interaction, with lots of smiles for Mommy, and even a few for Daddy and Quinn. Lots of chatting too – gooing and cooing every chance he gets. A nice change from his usual grunting! Still wanting to eat every 3-4 hours around the clock, but I expect that may shift now that we are over the 6-week mark. I'd like to start having a good 5-6 hour chunk of overnight sleep soon! In the meantime, I try to nap when he naps, though when Quinn is home, it's more fun to go outside and play while the weather is so nice. Fall and winter will be here soon enough...

Great news for Quinn! His very first adult tooth has made an appearance! It was discovered last night while Andrew was brushing his teeth. The amazing thing is that the new tooth is the last one we expected to come in. You may recall when Quinn was 18-months, he took a nasty fall down some stairs and lost his lower right front tooth. Dentist said it would likely be late coming though due to resulting scar tissue, but alas here it is! We are all so excited!

Jake is calling for is mid-afternoon lunch, so I'd best be off. Will try to post more regularly in the days ahead. Nothing tends to stay the same for very long when there's a newborn in the house!

- Jake lounging in the grass by the Merrickville Locks
- We four by the Merrickville Locks
- Quinn with Grampa holding Jake
- Quinn's toothy grin, taken just this morning!

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  1. Salut! Cute pictures! Ainslie was excited to see Quinn's tooth. She has a loose tooth now and can't wait to lose it! Keep posting the pics! Love, Kate