Monday, October 8, 2007

A is for Apple...

... and “Absolutely” wonderful!

Yesterday was the quintessential Autumn day. The sun was out in full force, with not a cloud in the sky. The air was crisp, the breeze gentle and warm. It was the perfect day to go apple-picking.

After some internet investigation, and a few phone calls, the operation of choice was Mountain Orchards, about 40 minutes from here. Superb operation. A quick wagon ride to the rows upon rows of Empire, Spartan, Honey Gold and Macintosh — our favourite. Being so late in the season, we worried there would be slim pickins, though were astounded by the abundance and quality of the fruit that remained. We filled a half-bushel bag (20lbs) for Nanny Lauzon in about 5 minutes, and a 10lb bag for ourselves in half that time! Could have filled a 20-pounder from just one tree alone! The Macs are huge, sweet and so much more colourful than those found in the supermarkets.

What a feel-good experience to harvest these fall treats ourselves! Jake toodled about, trying to contribute to the collection by picking up some of the fallen apples... Not so nice, Jake. Stay away from the squished ones, please!

After a brief demonstration, both he and Quinn quickly appreciated the fine art of picking the apple from the tree, and gently placing it in the bag.

Desperate for a taste (and wanting to lick every apple on the ground!), we found Jake a wee apple, and I started a bite off for him. He held on tight to that apple for the next 30 minutes or so, taking wee nibbles every few minutes. After our bags were filled and we were carried back to the main lot, we enjoyed (devoured) a dozen small made-to-order Apple Cider Donuts. Piping hot and melting in our mouths, we thought they were the highlight of our excursion! Jake discovered his passion for apples, and would not even let us suggest we take his away from him in exchange for a piece of donut! Funny man!

I don’t recall ever going apple-picking before — short of my Grandparent’s back yard — but after yesterday’s glorious adventure, I just might insist we make it a Thanksgiving Weekend family tradition.

Captions (in order): Quinn filling our 10lb bag | Jake picking his first apple | Wanna bite? | TJ enjoying the harvest | Three more apples on the tree

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