Monday, July 7, 2008

... and now it is Monday.

My Sunday was nice. Though I aspired to do as many things on yesterday’s Feel Good To Do List as I could, I only completed six of the 15 suggested:
  • I hugged Andrew, Quinn and Jake. Lots.
  • I danced. By myself, as usual.
  • I tickled the boys and made them laugh. Even Andrew.
  • I wrote a birthday greeting to my friend Laurence.
  • I sang. I always sing.
  • I made grape juice Popsicles with Quinn, but haven’t eaten one yet.
Today’s bead workshop went off without a hitch. Well, almost. Poor Quinn has come down with something, and spent the day either in his bed or on the sofa. Fever, aches, nausea. Hope this passes quickly, and without affecting anybody else.

Also managed to submit the first draft, of the second of three documents to my graphic design client. A day or two earlier than promised. Awesome.

A rather bland entry tonight. I apologize. I promise to be more witty (wittier?) tomorrow.
Wish me a restful, vomit-free night... Fingers crossed.

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