Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fascination with procrastination

I was supposed to be nose-deep in contract graphic design work today. Deadline work. Arrangements were made so that I would have the entire day to myself to focus. FOCUS.

And I did work. As much as I possibly could when not fighting off the warty distractions that kept coming into my office and attacking my left earlobe.

Here are the Top Ten Mundane Things I Did Today.
  1. Stocked the bar fridge.
  2. Ordered new cheques.
  3. Danced. In the kitchen. By myself.
  4. Danced some more.
  5. Bleached the recycling bins.
  6. Shuffled papers.
  7. Updated my Twitter status.
  8. Snipped the hideous flowers out of the Hostas.
  9. Looked for the frog who had been napping on our twig chair yesterday. Not there.
  10. Cleaned the hair out of my brush.

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